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Margaret and I had to fax some documents the other day, so we meandered over to a local office supply emporium. While Margaret filled out the requisite forms, I helpfully located unusual or intriguing items that she might fiddle with. Along with the LED-flashing rubber duckies, I noted these squeezy things:

Squeeze Me

The squeeze function impressed us by itself, but we were doubly delighted when we read the fine print warning us

Squeeze Me

“Caution: To avoid the sharp matter & point.” I think our bumper could have used that advice!


Speaking of which, Margaret and I were playing the “dream about a new car” game the other day, and in enriching my familiarity with current models, I saw some very favorable feedback about the Honda Fit. Apart from predictable jokes about “Having a Fit” or “getting Fit” or “Fit to drive,” does anyone out there have specific advice relative to these vehicles? (Our main interests are gas mileage, reliability, and luggage space — after “price,” of course.)

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  1. Both Honda and Toyota have a reputation for quality and offer fuel efficient models. Honda offers the Fit and the Civic. Toyota offers the Corolla as well as Yaris and Scion models. Mark can give you his experience with the Scion.

  2. Nearly bought a fit a few months ago before a used civic came up for sale at a much more reasonable price. Some of my former students have them and they love them. I really think that on all accounts, the fit is go.

  3. Thanks, Trevor. We like the looks of the Fit a lot, but Pippa urged us to reconsider the Prius, which also seems attractive.

  4. Honda originally intended to name the car Fitta, but the word’s meaning in some languages — in Swedish and Norwegian, “fitta” or “fitte” is a rather crude slang term for v***** — resulted in a last-minute change to Fit. (wikipedia)
    Not that this says anything about the quality of the car, but it’s a funny anecdote should you buy it.

    [edited to distinguish this site from a gynecological web page]

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