Allons, Enfants!

Happy Bastille Day from Princeton, where Margaret and I pulled in last evening. We didn’t unpack in Durham — just oversaw the unloading — so the relocation process is far from complete. But we’re knocking off a bit at a time, and last week was a very big bit. (In the last ten days or so, we took a ferry and drove to Boston on Friday the 4th, drove to Princeton on Saturday and to Durham on Sunday, flew to Chicago and took the El to Depaul on Monday, drove the 26-footer to Indianapolis on Wednesday, to Johnson City on Thursday, and to Durham on Friday, and drove from Durham to Princeton yesterday. That’s not even counting Margaret’s heroic work cleaning and organizing, or our participation in the Ekklesia Project.
So we’re taking the Quatorze Juillet off. Today is all relaxation, as much as we want.

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