Catching Up

With very limited access to the Net, I’ve allowed myself to fall far behind in noting what’s been going on here. Saturday, Margaret and I spent the evening with friends from long ago at the former Alpha Rho Upsilon house (now named Helmreich House after Ernst Helmreich, beloved professor of history at Bowdoin and grandfather of two of our friends).

Margaret at ARU

We saw more old friends than I can name here; it was a great joy to reunite with them and to meet the many who came to ARU after us. Add to them all the number of our friends who would have liked to celebrate with us, but for one reason or another could not, and the occasion touched very many of us. Late in the evening, JB recited “Gunga Din” in honor of Rich Herzog; we drank a toast in his honor, and dreamt of glad times with him.

20 Bath Rd

Margaret and I were staying at a hotel out the Bath Road past this house, where Joe and I once lived. Back in our day, it was rather less polished, but it was home for a number of us. And at least it was in better condition than the Silver Palace, the house across the street.
We saw Pippa in The Three Musketeers again on Sunday. (The stark lighting and the lack of controls on my camera account for the washed-out faces.)

Pippa as Planchet

Monday we visited with Pat and Dick at Damariscotta Lake, which was so much excitement that Beatrice needed to relax and unwind.

Dog On Hearth

And yesterday we resumed our slow odyssey to Durham. We left Maine in the morning, and paused for a visit to Margaret’s hometown, Rockport Massachusetts, and the church her dad served as rector, where Margaret and I were married.

Facade of St Mary's Church, Rockport

From there, we motored south to Quincy, to check up on Project X. It’s not that we doubted that Steve and Sage were presiding over the birth and growth of a fascinating young woman — just, when you’re dealing with writers of fiction, it’s worth looking into the details for yourself. Margaret made some up-close observations, and we agree that Gretchen belongs to the category of those most wonderful young people who will change the world markedly for the better, if the rest of us don’t louse it up first.

Sage, Gretchen, Margaret

After all of which, we hunkered down in our humble Red Roof and yielded to slumber’s irresistible importunity. The rest of today should be an easy-paced recuperation, then we’ll set off for Long Island tomorrow.

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