Dark Knight After

How come no one told me Sophia Hinshelwood was in the Batman movie? I was staring at her in the press conference scene, wondering why she looked so familiar — and not in an “I’ve seen her in another movie” way, but in an “I know that person” way. I asked Margaret who she was, but Margaret (having spent so much less time around the Seabury Institute office) didn’t recognize her.
It was an unsettling, but terrific surprise — and enthusiastic congratulations to Sophia, for whom this will, we hope, be the start of something big!

3 thoughts on “Dark Knight After

  1. I practically came out of my seat when I saw that scene – elbowing the people on either side of me exclaiming, “I know her!”

    Much the same way as when I saw Brad Mott in “Stranger than Fiction”

  2. As someone who is interested in truth, meaning, and the power of narrative, I would have thought you’d have bought that one already! Haha…seriously though, it’s a great movie.

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