We’ve unpacked some of our boxes, moved others around, gotten me a Duke ID card and an office key (I’m ensconced in the office of Richard Hays, for whom I’m subbing this year), and we’re still waiting for connectivity from our home. The stress levels are high, as this intermediate state touches different nerves from the liminal state of packed-up-but-not-settled. There’s much good going on, and still some glitches.

1 thought on “Partway

  1. I have to admit, I’m rather taken with that typo in the last sentence. Moving is indeed a time of much goo. 🙂

    [Ed. note: I corrected “goo” to “good” before I caught and approved Hedwyg’s comment. And although Hedwyg makes a great point, I’ll leave my corrected version as is.]

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