lly Ballou Here….

Last night, we all were on our way to Elmo’s to celebrate John Utz’s having landed a job as a fifth-grade teacher at an exciting school, when we heard a snippet of Bob Elliott on the radio. Margaret and I were so captivated that we could hardly get out of the car when we arrived at Elmo’s, and we had to explain to Pippa who Bob and Ray were (“are,” in Bob’s case) and why we love their style.
This morning I went a-searching and turned up the Archive.org treasure-trove of old Bob and Ray show recordings. I started listening to one while I read my daily dose of Lucian of Samosata (my Greek is rusty — if not outright calcified — so I’ve been working through Lucian to regain the pretense of competence). Pippa came downstairs and asked me to make breakfast for her and when I brought her eggs and (veggie) bacon out to her, she was listening intently to Wally Ballou, Biff Burns, the Komodo Dragon Expert, Mary Backstayge, and the other characters and skits.
 Triumphantly, this is A K M Adam, saying write if you get work.

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