Jonesing For Bandwidth

xkcd has a cartoon today that characterizes the way Margaret and I spent the days between when we left Princeton (actually, to be precise, “between when our cable service in Princeton was cancelled”) and the day before yesterday when the cable van hooked us up.
xkcd has its own alt tag joke -- go see it in situ.
My appointment to drop off the MBP is Sunday afternoon; my first class at Duke comes up on Monday. Keep an eye on me, to see how “teaching without my outboard brain” is affecting me.

2 thoughts on “Jonesing For Bandwidth

  1. Oh, that is so me when I travel. On my last trip to the Big Island my host family hadn’t hooked up any internet, but I discovered a spot on the balcony that if I held very still I could just barely get my e-mail and maybe load a web page or two. Problem was it was raining a lot, so I had to do it quickly otherwise the MBP got wet.

    The iPhone sort of takes care of this issue. Not only can I do most browsing and e-mail (and chat) with it, I can now share the phone’s connection with my MBP.

    I’m not sure if there’s a patron saint for health of technology but, if there were, I’d burn some incense and offer a prayer for the MBP and a speedy return.

  2. I smiled knowingly when I saw this comic on xkcd, but the hovering caption actually made me laugh.

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