The installer from Time-Warner finally came today, and after testing and rejecting one defective modem, he set up a modem that works. Now, however, we find out that our Lexmark printer doesn’t agree with being the USB printer from an AirPort Extreme. Plus, the older model of the Extreme (which we have) doesn’t allow networking USB hard drives, plus one of my (neurotically many) hard drives seems to have given up the ghost (my last Fireware drive ever, I expect). But we’re online, on our own connection. And I picked up a second-hand microwave. We’re getting closer.
Oh, and I booked a flight from St Louis to Nashville on American. I can’t explain the difficulties I was having, but thanks for the ideas.

2 thoughts on “Wire[less]ed

  1. I took that American flight from St. Louis to Nashville once, years ago. It went fine but don’t plan to look at the scenery — there isn’t any! 🙂

  2. I promise I’ll keep my eyes closed tight. Or will read while listening to tunes. Or maybe watch a movie on my computer. But scenery I will not expect — thanks for the heads-up.

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