That’s What I Mean

It seems pretty clear, at this point, that no one will offer me an administrative position; I’ve been turned down for an embarrassingly large number of such positions. In cover letters and interviews, I typically underscore the vital importance of strengthening faculty and student morale with gestures that could be as small as (well-designed) small giveaways or gratulatory recognition. Since it looks as though I won’t have the opportunity to implement such programs, I’ll just tip my tam to Elena Kagan of Harvard Law School. Nay-sayers will scoff that it’s easy to build morale when you’re working for Harvard — and I’m confident they’re partly right — but showing pride and gratitude with small gestures would go an awfully long way even at a less sumptuously-endowed institution, and in the imaginary institution of which I’m a dean or president, I’d be all over that premise.
I’d also clear my email. Which I’ll get back to, now.

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