I’m feeling a wee bit lonely recently, so I think that after I present my paper to Duke’s New Testament Colloquium tonight, I’ll motor down to the airport in search of companionship. Not just anyone, mind you; I’ll be looking for a theological ethicist, one whose Tuesday birthday was eclipsed by the recent national festival of Obamania. I hope I find someone….

4 thoughts on “Restoration

  1. I hope you find the right one. Who knows how many theological ethicists may be wandering around the Raleigh-Durham Airport. A mistake would be most disconcerting for all involved.
    More seriously, extend to Margaret belated birthday wishes on my behalf.

  2. Carol’s concern is wise. I’d recommend narrowing your field. Sort through all the theological ethicists there; I’m thinking a slender brunette would be most suitable. One with kind eyes.

    And please wish her happy birthday from us, too.

  3. Sounds like a great plan. Thanks for your paper tonight — most enjoyable. As any of the regulars will know, it is very rare for me not to drop off.

  4. Thanks for the advice and the feedback, friends. I think I landed a winner at the airport; and as for the paper, it’s the kind of idea that usually takes a while to sink in (and it’s interwoven with various related premises that I didn’t have time to discuss), so if you stayed awake and the general idea is still lingering, that’s as much as I can reasonably ask. Thanks!

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