Arriving Attractions

Three exciting recent developments:
First, Jamie Boyle’s new book The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind has come out from Yale University Press, and YUP has allowed him to offer free downloads of the PDF version of the text at the book’s website. I haven’t read it yet, but having heard his Ars Electronica presentation and having talked with him over breakfast before the conference, I expect this will propose another promising step toward sounder IP policy.
Second, David Isenberg’s annual Freedom to Connect conference has been announced for March 30-31 of next year. I hope I won’t have any conflicting obligations, because (what with the change in administrations) it’s bound to be an exciting year to listen to internet activists, community organizers, and policymakers work out a saner, more vibrant economy of connectivity. F2C is where I met Kevin Werbach and Susan Crawford, who are now shaping the FCC transition; come to this year’s conference and meet the future!
And most important of all, Pippa has started her Flickr account, so now I won’t benefit from people going to my Flickr pages to see any new Pippa art. If you were reading her blog, you’d already know.

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  1. i was reading, but she seemed a bit weirded out at being read by people she didn’t know. although i’d introduced myself, i sure don’t want to do any weirding!

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