Gender Awareness, Evangelism, and Design

I wouldn’t ordinarily hotlink to someone else’s image, but the Presbyterian Church USA might change their page around. As part of their campaign to honor women’s ministries, they illustrated their home page with the following image:

Woman lifting the hem of her dress up to her waist and catching light bubbles in its folds

I have many reactions, among which I will post these: (a) I’m so very glad it wasn’t the Episcopal Church that chose this image for one of its projects; (b) I’m not sure that whoever produced this page did all their homework in gender studies class; (c) the Presbyterian women of my acquaintance are unlikely to participate in the activity illustrated; (d) this is no way to try to draw people to church; (e) thanks to Adam Walker Cleveland for the link.

1 thought on “Gender Awareness, Evangelism, and Design

  1. That picture is unintentionally hilarious, and I share your relief that this is at least one faux pas that we don’t have to cringe at from our own denomination.

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