Mark of the Geek

I woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard time falling asleep because I couldn’t call to mind the official typographic name for the “@” symbol.
As it turns out, that’s because there isn’t an official fancy typographical name like “ampersand” or “guillemot” for it. It’s just called the “commercial at” in Unicode, and the Wikipedia article appears under the heading “At Sign.” On the other hand, the symbol is also used to abbreviate the Spanish and Portuguese unit of weight, the arroba (which was the name I was sleepily grasping for).

4 thoughts on “Mark of the Geek

  1. Only you, my dear big brained son, would even know there is a word, Spanish or English for the @ and stay awake trying to remember it! xxx

  2. I misread your title in my feed and thought this was going to be a post concerning “Mark the Geek”. I was imagining what your post might be – technology in the Gospel of Mark; the author of Mark as technology buff etc.

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