Early Bird Catches A Cup Of Coffee

I woke up early and put on my jacket and tie, so as to arrive on campus in plenty of time for the beginning of the Duke Symposium on Archaeology, Politics, and the Media — at which I’m giving a response to Mark Goodacre’s presentation (1, 2, 3) — when I noticed that the symposium doesn’t begin until 1:00.
So I’ll have plenty of time to walk the dog, polish my response, and work on a couple of late-breaking job applications after all.

2 thoughts on “Early Bird Catches A Cup Of Coffee

  1. So I’m not the only one who does that? I once showed up for a COM meeting here at the diocesan center at 10:30 only to find it started at 1 (Everything starts at 10:30!)

  2. Exactly! What about the time for milling around the coffee machine and selecting plasticized pseudo-Danish pastries?

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