How To Tell

Are you living with a teenager? Here’s one clue: when she comes downstairs and, without asking, changes the radio station from the NPR morning news to the music station she wants to listen to — that’s a teenager. I’m not complaining; she fried an egg and made (fake) bacon for me. If only she’d change the channel back to NPR when she leaves the kitchen.

5 thoughts on “How To Tell

  1. I’m sorry! I had laundry! And it’s not my fault they don’t play GOOD rock at 9:30. . .
    be glad I despise current mainstream music.

  2. In the main, I’d be tempted to agree with you AKMA … saturday NPR is sacred at my house. However, “be glad I despise current mainstream music” does trump all.

  3. Good News is yet to come: you’ll know you’ve succeeded when they get past the teen years they may tune the radio to NPR…..

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