I’ve finalized two job applications in the last two days, an exercise which is almost as challenging to the beleaguered sense of one’s own worth as is the necessity of finding places to store our possessions and to couch-surf while we await good news about our future. With those two preoccupations running neck and neck toward the finish line of despair, who needs global warming to worry about?
But interrupting the breakneck pace of rival anxieties come two lovely bits of encouragement. In the first instance, the ever-gracious Michael Bérubé points back to this page in discussing his plans for the pre-valedictory (read: long, usually kinda boring, though Michael will surely constitute an exception to that rule) speech — Michael, I too have considered and rejected the idea of a sunscreen reference. There’s probably a Borgesian way to interpret our silence as a deafening endorsement of skin care. But I bask in the reflected glory of Michael’s ruminations, and I underscore to Si the shout-out he received from the commencement speaker.
Then Brooke pointed out that “online” has identified this very blog as 1% of the “100 Awesome Blogs By Some of the World’s Smartest People.” (Link to removed at their request.) That just flat-out stuns me; obviously the list-compiler doesn’t get around much, or he or she would have picked one of the Official Biblioblogs (if they wanted to name a biblical scholar), or one of the Beliefnet blogs such as Scot McKnight’s or Tony Jones’s. But in my current state of nonchalant desperation, I’ll very gladly receive such acclaim as comes my way.

2 thoughts on “Awesomesauce

  1. Richly deserved accolade, AKMA: your blog is awesome! Much better here than one of the boring old “official bibliloblogs”, as you call them! Ha ha. So sorry about the job situation, but looking forward to your sharing good news in due course.

  2. AKMA, I don’t know anything about, but I do know that you do in fact richly deserve this accolade. Well done!

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