Mulling Outsider

I’ve been thinking hard about Jeff’s recent post (as I almost always do), and his reflections resonate powerfully with my own experiences and ideas. Most obviously, it’s not at all clear that I’ll have an academic job this coming year, while my wife has secured an appointment; secondarily, I share Jeff’s interest in the importance of visual rhetoric, and some of the estrangement that tends to engender among disciplinary colleagues who perceive only the verbal dimension of biblical scholarship. Jeff has long been a vital provocateur for my thinking about visual communication; while I don’t always agree with him, I tend to suppose it’s because he’s smarter, an exceptionally gifted photographer, and more well-read.
Way back in Inter-Web antiquity, a number of us played with the conceit of a University of Blogaria, but wouldn’t my neurons sizzle if I could [collaborate with] Jeff in some mode of non-institutional teaching/arguing/theorizing about rhetoric, communication, composition, argumentation, hermeneutics, and so on. And cheers and best wishes to Jeff and Krista!

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  1. okay, missing verb (unless “to jeff” is one i know not) so i’ll bite: debate? refute? support? annihilate?

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