Well, Look At That

I was skimming the Yale Divinity School newsletter for alums, and came across a long list of awards that the Associated Church Press had bestowed upon YDS publications. Toward the end of that litany I learned that my article “Reading the Bible in a Sea of Signs” had won an ACP Award of Merit (i.e., second prize) in the category of “Theological or Scholarly Article.” I’m pleased, over and above the predictable jolt to my vanity, since I’ve detected relatively few signs that more than one or two people actually read the piece (it’s not available online through Yale; I may go ahead and reproduce a version of it here).
So I’m hanging onto second prize in a minor award category for all I’m worth, because we’re hip deep into moving, and moving is something for which I will never receive a prize of any sort. I hate moving, I don’t cope well with moving, and all the more so as (a) this is the third or fourth move we’ve made in the past three years (depending on what you count), (b) we’ll have to move stuff again next year anyway, and (c) we don’t yet know where we’ll put down our bags even for the coming year. This renders me pretty useless for the burdens of moving, which then fall the more heavily on Margaret, whose strain makes me feel worse, and besides, where will we even live next year, et cetera.
All that being said, I’d rather go through the move while holding second prize in this theological beauty contest, than without. Thanks, ACP!

3 thoughts on “Well, Look At That

  1. Could you please do a reproduction here? I am looking for an online version to send to my friend (who is obsessed with semiotics), and I cannot find one. I really enjoyed it, by the way. And I am glad to have found your blog. You seem like a very interesting person and thinker.

    I am Sarah, btw (third year MAR in BIble at Yale Div).

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