Moving to the U.K. — Burden-Bearers

Does anyone have experience with intercontinental moving agencies that they would share with me? I gather that my office in Glasgow will hold a fair number of books, alleviating some anxiety on that point, but we still need to get the books there in the first place.

5 thoughts on “Moving to the U.K. — Burden-Bearers

  1. When I read your headline I thought we had changed from “A Nation Of Shopkeepers” to “A Nation Of Burden Bearers” 😉

  2. The Cheapest way is to ship by boat. I lived in Newcastle for two years and now i live in California. My friend shipped like 19 crates of books by boat. I don’t know if its the best way? At least you can do your books this way.

  3. Hi AKMA. When we moved here, we used De Havens because they are the company Duke works with. I thought they were expensive ($14,000 for shipping a 20 foot container) but OK. The UK side were far more efficient, and more friendly, than the US side, though.

  4. My husband did a bunch of research on shipping out of RDU area because we ship lots of stuff to a couple of orphanages in Lithuania. He did not specifically research the UK, but I would guess he could point you to the people he found most helpful around here. I imagine the UK is much less complicated than Lithuania as eastern Europe poses its own distinct challenges. We had hoped we might be able to send things out of Wilmington but that would not work for Lithuania. It might be worth checking for the UK though–at least half the cost on our shipments involved getting the stuff to the dock in the U.S. so if you could do that yourself I think you’d save a lot of money. E-mail me if you would like to be in touch with John to get info. I hope things are going more smoothly as you prepare for this wonderful adventure.

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