With the iPhone established as the de facto standard for smartphones, isn’t it about time for Apple to consolidate its position by doing exactly the opposite of its current course? If Apple opened up the iPhone to other carriers (as soon as contracts permit) and allowed users to control the apps and media they install on the device (rather than forcing Apple’s iTunes to manipulate the contents), they could deal their rivals a significant blow and at the same time maintain much of the market that their closed-system approach has built.

2 thoughts on “Musing

  1. I’m waiting for Apple to put out a “minimac,” similar in size to those ‘netbooks’ which kids are taking off to college.

  2. There is exactly one reason, no more and no less, why I haven’t arranged an accident for my BlackBerry so I could spent our meager and hard-earned dollars on an iPhone.


    Your mouth to Apple’s ears, I hope!

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