5 thoughts on “Verrry Interesting

  1. Though some bits of it look kind of cool, and it certainly seems to have a high quality interface, I’m worried on the content front. Particularly after seeing their list of scholars contributing to the “expert videos.” I’m looking forward to your take if you can get access for a review.

  2. Me too, Colin — seeing Max Lucado in the promo video makes me a little leery, and likewise the idea that there’s an unambiguous “time line” for the dates that we care about. On the other hand, some of the visualizations could be very helpful.

  3. Ya, I get bummed out when a clearly interesting platform with, as you say, neat visualizations, gets butchered by lame content. And it’s not like there aren’t loads of highly qualified, relatively conservative evangelical scholars out there who could add some serious heft to this kind of software. I mention conservative and evangelical because, let’s be frank here, the folks who make this kind of software aren’t marketing to anyone else in a meaningful way. All I can think is that if St. Paul saw this software he would say something about milk and solid food.

  4. Had to open a browser other than Chrome to view the video. I asked myself if I’d welcome this kind of format as an accompaniment to Caesar’s Gallic Wars, and I sure would. To Homer? Maybe. To the Bible? To Dante? Doubtful. When the purpose is to read, and the text is already a vibrant and multi-tiered symphony, too many vivid objective correlatives and tour guides can distract.

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