I woke up early and had dozed sporadically: this morning, I’m expecting the last bit of documentation for my visa application 2.0. Once it arrives, I’ll hurry over to Kinko’s and overnight it to New York, to repeat the cycle from late July. If the same timing prevails, I’ll learn on Friday that the package arrived, and on next Monday will hear whether they’ll approve my visa (in which case Margaret and I begin frantically to seek an affordable flight to Glasgow).
I’m not sure what to say about the possibility that the Home Office will find a defect in my second application, so I won’t think about it.

1 thought on “Countdown

  1. Good luck, AKMA! The good news, it seems to me, is that it sounds like the Home Office have a really fast turnover on a decision. Going in the other direction, the turnover was at least 4-5 weeks once the application was in, and much longer in our case, in addition to a day spent at the American Embassy and so on. On the other hand, I don’t like the sound of the way that they apparently “reject” applications. They should have a system whereby they simply request additional documentation and make the decision pending receipt of that, something we experienced with the Green Card.

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