Curricular Query

Does anyone know of a downloadable, editable translation of the Mishnah — or even just the Pirkê Aboth — that I can excerpt for a course this fall? I have the Blackman translation, but only as jpegs/poorly-recognized OCR.

3 thoughts on “Curricular Query

  1. You can get the full text of the Pirke Abot here.

    Click ‘See other formats’ in the top left and you can get it in PDF, HTML, or text. Easiest thing may be to copy and paste it into a Word document unless you have the full version of Adobe Reader so you can edit the text.

  2. The text version follows the photo version of the PDF. It’s a bit tough to follow along with, but it’s the only free version I know of that is online. If you find another, please be sure to post it!

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