If It’s Friday….

This morning I woke up promptly, hopped in the car I borrowed from Clay and Sarah (thanks, Clay and Sarah!), drove two and a half hours to Charlotte, walked into Biometrics Central, gave my fingerprints (again), walked out ten minutes later (maybe less), drove two and a half hours back to Durham, picked up my pay records from Duke’s Payroll Central, came back to Clay and Sarah’s house, and collapsed into a heap. Plus, I took a shower, which impelled me to think that when I finally get through this visa madness and have a place of my own, I’m going to go on a showerpalooza, practicing comprehensive hygiene with a ferocity hitherto unknown to people not affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder — it’ll be that satisfying to have access to a regular shower.

5 thoughts on “If It’s Friday….

  1. For your sake I fervently hope your flat has a “regular shower”. I’m remembering all the strange, awkward variations on that theme we have encountered in Scotland.

  2. Yes, I fear, ‘regular bath’ might be more likely. Or ‘irregular, slightly pathetic’ shower, possibly….

  3. Ah, I remember that Charlotte biometrics place! We all had to go down there for our green card applications, and since our appointment was at 9am, we decided to stay in the Comfort Inn round the corner, and then to go to the mall afterwards. Your trip doesn’t sound like quite so much fun! 🙁

  4. No fun, but rapid and effective for the purpose. I ordinarily like staying in hotels, but at this point I’m so tired of having access to all my worldly goods only by way of suitcase and backpack that an overnight in the Budget Inn doesn’t even appeal to me that much.
    Why, since Raleigh is so much more convenient, should it be so hard to get a prompt appointment there?

  5. Murphy’s Law, AKMA. I think he was a Scot. Maybe he was dealing with the Home Office when he formulated it…

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