Plethora of (Edu)Punk

Today’s IHE includes three articles of interest for Disseminary-minded edutech readers, or their skeptical counterparts. In the first, Joshua Kim sets out a rationale for good-enough applications of technology as opposed to the comprehensive content management packages. As a long-time dissatisfied user of Blackboard, I’m broadly sympathetic to Kim’s perspective here.
In the second, Dean Dad pushes back against the Edupunk enthusiasm for open education. Even Dean Dad, though, allows that the Edupunks lnow something that partisans for institutional education can’t afford to ignore: “The mode of production of education has to change, and now, can. We’ll need to come to grips with that in some sort of serious way, or others will, edupunks or not.”
I said “three” because Scott McLemee’s article on the implications of criminal incompetence bears on my own work at the intersection of semiotics and hermeneutics. Plus, it’s amusing and pertains to academic politics. What more can one ask?

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