Sound Reasoning

Honest, when I posted this entry earlier today, I knew no more than you did about the Home Office’s standards for approving or rejecting visas. But at 6:14 this evening — pardon me, at 20:14 — I received an email from the visa agency stating that my visa has been issued, and that I should expect delivery tomorrow. (I will be sitting on the porch, quite possibly holding my suitcases.)
So, now I have to set about shopping for a plane ticket — but at last, I’m on my way!

10 thoughts on “Sound Reasoning

  1. Great news! Looking forward to welcoming you to Glasgow. The department will be thrilled for you to get here after all the trials and tribulations.

  2. I’ve been following your saga and I am so very happy that that darn visa finally got approved! Now get thee to Scotland!

  3. I didn’t like to say in case it backfired, but I put a word in for you – I committed you consuming a minimum consumption of 2 deep-fried Mars bars per month and the odd “Roll & Potato Scone” (best with a little Tomato Ketchup lubrication, or lots of butter – but never dry) of a morning.

    Glad it worked.


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