Status Quaestionis

It’s been a very busy week. I have to prepare two and a half syllabuses for course systems that I don’t know from the inside, for courses I’ve never taught before (well, I’ve taught Historical Jesus several times, but not in this configuration). Plus, I have to put the letter “u” in various wourds to prove my fealty to the croun.
That part has mostly come together, but my flat is and will be offline for the foreseeable future. That means that the principal means of communication on which Margaret and I planned to rely has been cut off. We can communicate easily during the afternoon when I’m at work (1 PM here is 8 AM in Margaret-land). Once I go home, we can text each other, but that gets expensive fast. We’re managing, but the world will be a happier place when we can chat in the evening ( = afternoon in Margaret-land). Maybe sometime next week? Or the week after?
My possessions have landed in the UK, but they haven’t cleared customs. Once they do, they’ll wend their way northward till they come to my office building (where some will be carried upstairs to the seventh heavens, and a few boxes will come home to provide a much-needed degree of variety to my wardrobe). Still no word on when, though.
I think I’ve figured out how the washer-dryer works. I’ll give it another test run this weekend. Apart from that, I’ll be fine-tuning syllabuses, perhaps participating in “Doors Open Days” in Glasgow, I’ll make sure to hit a cafe sometime in the afternoon or evening (to catch up on email and perhaps glimpse Margaret online) — maybe I’ll pop in at the office. And read, and watch TV. See you around….

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