Tabbed Stromateis

Really nothing that associates there with one another, but they’re in my tab bar, waiting for me to link to them.
The Boston Globe notes the illuminating studies of metaphorical usage that some of us have known about for more than twenty years (and that acute readers of Dinosaurs Comics read about back in March).
Elegant futurist flatware design, from 1957 (by way of 2001).
David talked about his use of Shannon’s signal/noise distinction at Ars Electronica last September. As I thought about it, I realized that there’s no intrinsic difference between signal and noise, that “noise” to a radio operator may be “signal” to someone who’s investigating sunspots.
Leafy greens, eggs, potatoes, cheese, sprouts, berries. Even ice cream sometimes. What’s the preventive value of being a vegetarian?
Now I’m going to download the new Mountain Goats album from eMusic. Excuse me.

1 thought on “Tabbed Stromateis

  1. Speaking of music. I don’t know if you’ve found it yet, but Spotify is available here in the UK. Allows you to stream music, make playlists online for free. Check it out. I just looked and saw that the Mountain Goats’ new album is there.
    Pax, Br. J+

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