Hello, My Name Is AKMA

I haven’t forgotten you; I just had a very busy run-up to the Society of Biblical Literature meeting, was busy at the SBL (presented two papers, chaired three sessions, various committee meetings, etc.), then came back to a challenging metabolic shift and a stack of essays that awaited marking. I’m on the verge of finishing up the essays, I have some emails to write, notes to hand-write, a handout to complete, and some last-week-of-classes obligations. But lo! It is in fact the last week of Fall Semester classes, I’m near finishing up my obligations, and I’ll have a little breathing room to take stock and figure out how to adapt better in the spring.
I plan to post the papers I gave in New Orleans, but they need massaging first.
Today is Pippa’s birthday, which makes me proud and happy.
Margaret and the kids (including Laura and Laura, but not Jennifer) got together in Ypsilanti for Thanksgiving, and had a great time. We had a group video-chat which permitted me to see PIp make moose antlers behind Margaret’s head, and to say Hi to the couples. Hey, and they all went to see David Archuleta at the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra! My informants suggest that the Ann Arbor reviewer was charitable, but the comments to that post incorporate so many words in all caps, and so many exclamation marks, that my informants must be underestimating this EXCELLENT talent, the REAL DEAL!!! (I have never, so far as I know, heard Mr Archuleta sing anything, so I have no opinion on the topic.)
What else? Surprise kitten really is sweet and amusing. Jeff Jarvis’s take on “post-media media” rings true to me. Oh! And the Velveteen Rabbi and EthanZ are parents — so excited for two three lovely, sweet people. Congratulations, Drew! (Excellent name, by the way.)
Time to square away the last essays…

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