Annual Ritual

There are only two weeks left in December, and I haven’t really noticed what music in my iTunes collection comes from 2009 (as opposed to other years). So I’m now listening to an all-2009 playlist, in order more judiciously to name my Top Releases list. I’m hoping that I really fall for some more rocking music, because for now all my selections befit an aging geezer who is settling into a calm-music phase of his descent into senescence.

4 thoughts on “Annual Ritual

  1. What you call senescence I prefer to call maturation. This, from one about to be 80, means that aging is not so much a downhill slide but an uphill climb. It indeed takes a bit of effort but the view gets better all the time. Friend, come up higher.


  2. Just to bring another perspective, AKMA, I applaud your diligence to to bringing balance to your musical sphere. My antenna is highly tuned to the social/cultural/power issues at play when we deem “calm music” a sign of maturation. Boys and Girls in America, we Won’t Get Fooled Again.

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