Walking Home From Lunch

The Divinity Student Council (students who are studying toward degrees for ministry, as distinct from students who are taking general BA’s) had its End-of-Term lunch at a Greek restaurant on Sauchiehall Street Friday. My students pronounced it “Sucky hall,” but an alternate interpretation suggested “Socky hall”; I vote for the latter on grounds of potential embarrassment and on grounds of phonetic likelihood (it seems more likely to me that an “ah” syllable might migrate toward a schwa sound than that a schwa would take on a more specific vowel sound). Either way, as I was walking home to Partick from Sauchiehall Street, fog descended on Glasgow, and the towers of my institution rose majestically through the fog, against the sunset sky:

Glasgow University Tower from Sauchiehall Street

I also took a photo of the tower seen from Partick Bridge; or more precisely, I took two such photos, one exposed for the tower and one exposed for the greenery and the river. Someday when I feel ambitious I’ll try to align them and balance out the exposure, but for now they’ll just stay separate.
It’s a very pretty place. I’m glad to be here.

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