Just a word to say that my relative reticence online corresponds to a lovely time that Margaret and I are having together in Glasgow. It would be even nicer without the ice on the pavements and the sub-zero temperatures*, but we’ve had a spectacular fortnight anyway. Yesterday we went to the Hunterian Art Gallery, but were very disappointed to learn that the Mackintosh House was closed for renovations. We then strolled (skidded) downhill to the Kelvingrove Gallery.

Kelvingrove (Argyle St Entrance)

The Kelvingrove, thankfully, has an ample display of Mackintosh and Glasgow Style artifacts for us to admire. Yesterday, we were especially impressed by Margaret MacDonald’s life and work. (We passed through an exhibit of Glasgow Boys (not to be confused with the Bhoys) paintings, too, of whom I was mostly impressed by E. A. Hornel.)
I had thought that I knew Dali’s “The Christ of St John of the Cross” well enough that it wouldn’t surprise me, and when we got to that end of the gallery I learned that the canvas is smaller than I’d expected. Nonetheless,

Kelvingrove's Christ of St John of the Cross by Dali

seeing the real thing blew me away. As does spending a precious two weeks with my sweetheart.
*The Sky News presenter onscreen now is marveling at — icicles. That’s what the devastating winter weather entails here in Scotland.

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  1. AKMA,

    Beautiful picture — I’d love to see the real thing. It has always been my favorite in the Chicago museum. Glad to hear you and Margaret enjoyed some time together.

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