Go, Dale!

I’m greatly enjoying watching our friend Prof. Dale Martin’s lectures on the New Testament, available in video an audio forms through iTunes University. Dale’s a great scholar and a gifted lecturer, but it’s especially fun to see a good friend doing his stuff; we lecturers don’t often watch one another in action. (Mark, get Duke to set this up for you to go with your audio podcast!)

1 thought on “Go, Dale!

  1. Thanks, AKMA. I’m actually experimenting with capturing lectures at the moment (Lectopia) and after a difficult start, I am making progress. I am actually not that inclined to publicize yet, though, in part because I say lots of stuff that I think I don’t want quoted back at me. But I may give it a go more fully in the future. Since there’s a lot out there in the way of lecture recordings, I quite like having the NT Pod for properly “produced” content, as it were, specifically targeted at the podcasting audience. But it’s fun to think about these things, so thanks for the nod!

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