Stray Thought

If — as John Siracusa and various other Apple cognoscenti suggest — part of the forthcoming iTablet package involves a special format for electronic text/mixed-media publishing, “publicly documented. . . [with] an SDK available to all interested parties,” wouldn’t this be a spectacular opportunity-moment for a start-up academic publisher to step up to the plate and take advantage of the brief interval in which everyone’s starting from zero?
I sure do, and would love to be in on it. A foresighted publisher could make a lot of hay by moving first to an Apple ePub format, and only subsequently figuring out how to handle print distribution (rather than being lumbered by a print-oriented publishing system, and trying to simulate print on a small digital screen).

2 thoughts on “Stray Thought

  1. Trinity St Mungo rises Phoenix like from the ashes of print into a new and transfigured digital luminosity?

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