5 thoughts on “Call For Counsel From The Critical Web

  1. Dropbox works great and seamless on the Mac for me. First 2GB are free, which is plenty for what I need for cloud storage.

  2. I echo the Dropbox comments. I would also consider Mozy, it is a backup service that is extremely stable and works in the background.

    Also, Microsoft gives away oodles of storage with a live.com account.
    Skydrive.live.com gives 25 gig free!

    I use Skydrive for Office documents — 25 gig
    Picasa Web from Google to store up to 6 gigs of photos for free
    Dropbox for everything.

    Google Docs now has a feature to upload files to your Google Docs account, also free and 6 gigs of storage.

    Jim +

  3. Oops, I create images of my laptop and those are automatically backed up to Mozy–not the items mentioned in the above posts, only the image. Of course this is for system recovery. The files, photos, docs, etc. are not included as they are backed up elsewhere. This keeps the image file small.

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