In The Past Few Days

• Pippa and I spent a sweet afternoon relaxing chez our friends Vicky and Margaret (thanks, Vicky and Margaret!)
• The weather was rotten, so we cancelled our planned day trip to Edinburgh in favour of a trip to the Kelvingrove, where Pippa saw a wild haggis


• I threw my back out, lifting a heavy book at an oblique angle (my back’s better this morning)
• Nate shot me a version of the Exsultet, my familiarity with which I’m renewing this morning in preparation for the Easter Vigil
• Pippa traveled all the way to Glasgow and saw a painting of her Pa Moose in the Hunterian Art Gallery
• Doug pointed me to this brilliant Sarah Coakley superhero theological comic (golly, do I wish I could draw like that), and brought Pippa and me over to his house for a splendid dinner visit with his family (Thanks, Doug!)
• Pippa took two pictures of me that instantly vaulted to being my favourites; I wish I needed to send someone photos of me, so that I could use these

Untitled (Photo of A K M Adam)
portrait of my father in horrible lighting which i oh-so-hipsterly edited off in iphoto

• Today’s Pippa’s last day in Glasgow till August; don’t know what we’ll do yet (how can we top the acquisition of her fluorescent orange hat?)

Girl In The Fluorescent Orange Hat

• Pippa saw the fox in front of our flat!

4 thoughts on “In The Past Few Days

  1. If Pippa has not already sampled the delights take her on the Underground, failing that go the Burrell Collection and Pollok House. To get there use 45 or 57 bus to the entrance to Pollok Park or a train from Central Station to Pollokshaws West (Barrhead or East Kilbride trains)

  2. OK so I’m still your mom. I like Pippa’s picture of you that you used on Facebook, but I find that the mustache drooping to join the beard, makes you look as if you’re frowning because the strong line is downward. OK so I’ll shut up and wish you a very HAPPY AND BLESSED EASTER!

  3. It was a pleasure having you and Pippa over. (Love the picture of the wild haggis. They are such a rare species now.)

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