Makes A Difference

Leigh Reyes, whom I encountered online through fountain pen circles, made a video demonstrating the differences between ballpoint-writing and fountain-pen writing.

And much as I cherish the capacities of the computers on which I rely, the same point — “with fountain pens, it’s very different” — applies as well. The muscles you use, and how you use them; the practical aesthetics of writing; the sense of engagement with the writing that results; all of these matter differently when you’re writing with a fountain pen.
Ballpoints may be better for some (it’s hard for me to imagine, but I concede the point right away because I don’t care to argue about it), but a number of us think that the bother of dealing with fountain pens rewards us amply. Think of it as “heirloom writing,” compabrable to heirloom gardening; or as scribecraft, as woodworking or metallurgy. It is wrighting, and we find that fountain pens are the tool for this job.

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  1. We need to chat about fountain pens; the one James gave me as a gift for finishing my master’s degree has dried up. I want to fix it but am scared of wreaking it!

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