No Doubt A Kinsman

Cigarette Card - Archibald Geikie

My paternal family takes a lot of guff from (non-Scottish) outsiders because so many of us had, as forename or middle name, the honourable Scots moniker “Geikie.” (My dad and grandfather number among the proud Adam “Geikie”s.) This is just to remind people that this family name radiates with the glow of generations of Geikies. Including a geologist who ended up on a trading card — how cool is that?

2 thoughts on “No Doubt A Kinsman

  1. It is indeed cool, but I’m pretty sure our three children are relieved that I talked you out of this one for their generation of Adams.

  2. Just when you said you were not going to blog any more, I stopped looking. Today I just finished a book and was waiting to see if Jennifer (Brooks) was going to be able to stop in when I decided to check you out! Got to a whole new disseminary web page and there you were, having blogged quite regularly while I was “gone.”

    Hmmph! Guess I’ll have to check more often now.

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