A Great Good Thing

This morning (Eastern Daylight Time) Margaret called my attention to a venture that our friend Linda McDonough is starting up: Just Right Academy, a school specially ordered for the needs of intense children. Simply reading the blog on the main page, or the “About Us” or FAQs, moves me deeply. Linda has been there and cares about helping kids (and their parents and — to be frank — the schools that don’t have the resources or wisdom to help these kids) so much that she’s staking a big piece of her life on making JRA fly.
Linda is one of the good ones, and we’re proud to know her. So when I got a glimpse of what she’s up to, I wanted to call everyone’s attention to her and to JRA. If any of you can do anything to help her out, it would be a first-order mitzvah — whether that’s legal help, in-kind donations, benefaction, publicity, or whatever. You know who you are.
She’s doing a brave thing, and she’s doing it out of love for kids. Isn’t that just about the greatest possible reason to do something? Bless you, Linda!

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