Temps Perdu

Over the internet lifetimes I’ve been online, people have coalesced and drifted apart many times over. One of the cool moments comes when someone figures out a way to deploy new technologies to bring together a community from a while back. Through a variety of means, I’ve fallen back in touch with Sean Bonner, and I noticed a tweet from him the other day saying
seanbonner Just rocked some new @intelligentsia Bolivian beans in my Clever coffee dripper. Worked pretty nice!
I skipped the stage of remonstrating with him about adverbs, I noticed his endorsement of the Clever Coffee Dripper, and (since I had never heard of such a thing) I looked into it. I was impressed that it seemed to promise to ameliorate the things I dislike about a French press (disposing of grounds, and grit in the bottom of the cup) without the drawback of standard filtration systems (coffee doesn’t brew, it makes friends with the water and influences the water to be more coffee-like on its way through the filter).
So I was convinced by the premise of the Clever approach, but in the first place I already have a French press and a filter cone thingy, and in the second instance I’m trying to economise, and in the third instance. . . I’ve still got a hacker streak in me. So I looked around the kitchen and asked myself how I could realise the benefits of the Clever approach with the materials at hand.
Voilà! I pour the coffee and boiling water together into a Pyrex measuring cup, and cover the cup with a plate. After the coffee has brewed sufficiently, I pour it through the filter into my mug. Brewing + filtration = no grounds-disposal problem, no grit, full flavour, and the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

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