Video Friday

I’m still resting up today, but I’ll point to two video clips that turned up in my browsing. First, courtesy of Michael Berube, this NSFWoP (Not Safe For Work or Parents) clip bemoaning the plight of the student who takes up work that touches on continental philosophy:

Then, Ryan North tweeted about his appearance in this clip about webcomics:

And the scintillating Hugh McGuire has a nice piece up at O’Reilly about Book Oven and the good folks at Simon Fraser University who put together a way to use WordPress as a book-preparation process manager.
Oh, and Duke Divinity’s “Leadership” webmag just ran a publicity notice on Stanley Hauerwas’s autobiography in which the author quotes Stanley as saying, “I seem to live assuming that my capacity for friendship is without limit . . . I have no reason to deny it is a tricky business to have so many friends, but it is a business that I believe lies at the heart of what it means to be a Christian.” I like the sound of that.

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