Stromateis Salad

• I thought I posted this last week, so (for instance) it’s no longer true that Margaret hasn’t seen the LOST finale. I’m not going to fuss with correcting it. Here’s the salad as I tossed it last week:
• Had a great lunch with my new colleague, Professor Richard King. I’m delighted to be sharing the work of a Department Subject Area with him.
• I’m not saying anything about the LOST final episode (and, hence, the whole series) out of deference to Margaret and everyone else who hasn’t seen it yet. I understand the basis for some people’s dissatisfaction, and I understand the basis for other people’s positive assessment.
• I love Bruce Schneier’s story about his TSA encounter the other day. Ouch!
• I told us so: Dave Rogers rhapsodises about the experience of reading books on the iPad. Someone has to step up and promulgate a series of well-designed, non-restricted free or shareware eDitions (make that “eDitions™,” in case anyone gets the clever idea of using my proposal) of public-domain books — then branch out into out-of-print/print-on-demand eDitions™, then new works. Academic publishing is one plausible sandbox for this experiment, ecclesiastical publishing another; and please remember me when you start succeeding at it.

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