There’s a lot going on in Margaret’s and my lives; we won’t see each other again for another seven weeks. But wherever we are, however much we have to do, today marks our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary. The circumstances this year don’t favour an exciting holiday, or even a night out — maybe a video chat at most, alas.
Every year that goes by makes clearer what an exceptional blessing our life together has been. We’ve been there to hold one another up when life shook us down; we’ve been able to pick up what might have fallen apart; we’ve had the chance to shine a little light around us. We’ve been given so much by the dear friends and family who surround and uphold us, and we’ve tried to share again with them.
I’ll admit that just now I feel a shade more melancholic than joyous. It’s challenging even for this glass-half-full kinda guy to celebrate our togetherness when separated by an ocean; we’ve spent altogether too many of our years separated by too great distances (at first, when we were in Maine and Pittsburgh; later, when we were in Illinois and North Carolina; then in Baltimore and North Carolina; and now this year in Scotland and Baltimore).
Stuck for new ways of telling my sweetheart how deeply I love her, how unhesitatingly I would say “I do” all over again, I’ll point to what I’ve said before (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, (What happened in 2008?), 2009).
Beloved Margaret, let’s not do this again. Like the man says, “Let’s Stay Together.” Loving you forever is what I need.

2 thoughts on “Twenty-Eight

  1. And a couple for whom my admiration and love knows no bounds. I can’t imagine my life without Margaret in it. Never was there a daughter-in-law closer to an old mother-in-law’s heart, and I am going to see her in less than a week. After that visit, I will have to be patient as you have been for far too long! We will toast you from this island to yours!

  2. May you and Margaret be richly blessed as you enter the 29th year of your union, and for many, many more. We thought of you both last week as we celebrated Laura and Si’s first anniversary, wishing you were here to share the tier of wedding cake pulled out of the freezer. It was actually quite tasty.
    Love to you both from Doug and I.

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