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Because the field of comics is so richly populated with gifted authors, I’m like a comics katamari, rolling around and accumulating authors and storylines I admire. This morning’s addition is Dylan Meconis’s Family Man, which I bumped into by way of Erika “No longer drawing webcomics” Moen’s Twitter feed. When I was browsing Dylan’s work, I saw this frame and realised, “Any comic that covers exegetical questions including St Paul’s use of the Old Testament is (yet another) webcomic that I simply have to read.” So I’ll start Family Man this morning.
“Self-pity won’t pay the rent, though, and Luther has become desperate for employment, which isn’t easy to come by when your only marketable skill is scriptural exegesis.” Amen, Dylan!
Oh, and if anyone wants to support my family and pay tuition for me to go take some drawing classes (probably about eight or ten years’ worth of remedial drawing, so by the time I approach adequacy I won’t have many years of productivity left), I’d be eager to give it a try. Unfortunately for me, xkcd has already laid claim to stick figures, Ryan North already uses the same eight-bit dinosaur images every day, and David Rees owns the tacky clip-art images franchise.

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  1. Wait. You just now discovered Family Man? You have worked in proximity to me for the past year and JUST NOW discovered Family Man?

    I am delinquent in my comic-pushing duties. You have heard of Hereville, right?

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