Neither Inventor Nor Bomber

A couple of days ago I noted that Andrew Adam had invented a sort of fencepost in 1904, but that I am not that guy; he lacked the distinctive “Keith Malcolm” that makes a mere “Andrew Adam” into an “AKMA.” Today, I learn that Andrew Adams of Swansea, Wales, is in the headlines because Boots the Chemist sent him a gift card with the identity line, “Dr. A Suicide Bomber.” Most readers will understand that Mr Adam was displeased by that form of address. “I’m not a doctor and I’m certainly not a suicide bomber.” Nor, I must add, is he Andrew K M Adam of Glasgow, who is not a suicide bomber, not a fencepost inventor, not even a lorry driver — but is a least a Dr.
So if Boots has a gift card going begging, I’ll take it.

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