Tuppence Worth

The vaunted Apple Event seemed to hit a number of strong notes. The Apple TV sounds like a good deal, sounds as though they actually have a device that does what probably want at a price people can afford. The iPod lineup looks snappier, although we apparently have seen the end of the iPod Classic (maybe Pippa’s will become a collectable). The new HDR photo feature makes me want the new iOS, but I’ll continue holding out till it’s clear that my 3G can run the software without straining. iTunes Ping? Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’m not convinced that people want another whole social network, but since it’s built-in to an app they already use, it might get traction.
He did not convince me to like Coldplay, though.

1 thought on “Tuppence Worth

  1. You don’t have to like Coldplay’s music, but surely you can appreciate Chris Martin’s personality? I remember him sitting in on a Radio 1 show a couple of years ago clowning around playing unplugged songs – his boyish enthusiasm is quite charming, I think.

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