More Pride

I’ve beamed about Nate’s composition being played in Virginia, and about practically everything Pippa does — this evening it’s Josiah’s turn.
Si has been working steadily at Harold Washington Community College in the Registrar’s office. He aspires to a leadership role in higher ed administration, and he’s working his way up, starting at the bottom. (And he has been staring at the bottom; he was initially the low man on the registrar’s-office totem pole.) He’s been doing a good job, so far as I can tell from a distance. He moved up the rungs of the registrar’s ladder, but he was on the look-out for an opportunity to step up a little further.
Tomorrow is Si’s first day of work at his new job, as Department Assistant in the Department of Art, Media, and Design at DePaul University in Chicago. He’ll have more responsibility, in a department whose focus is congenial to him, with a chance to study for an advanced degree in Higher Ed Administration at DePaul. He’s rising, and I’m awfully proud of him.
Plus, I’m counting on him to remember the faculty side of operating an academic department! I wish I could apprentice him to our beloved, extraordinary Meg MacDonald, until recently Research and Development Co-ordinator of Glasgow’s Theology and Religious Studies department subject area.
Cheers, and congratulations, and mountains of pride in you, Si. Way to go!

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