Parental Pride

You might doubt that I have any particular reason to pay attention to the autumn music program at Grace Church, Plains, Virginia — but (aha!) you’d be wrong. Three weeks ago, the concert series at Grace Church featured the Washington Symphonic Brass, and the programme for the night featured a Rondo for Brass and Organ, composed by Nathaniel E. Adam. Margaret and I had the chance to hear the performance, and it was terrific; Nate took the very familiar sound of a short composition for brass (perhaps a Renaissance flavour to it) and wove into it short appearances of an organ playing in a very different idiom — not precisely discordant, but bracingly distinct from the formal, melodious brass voices. The Rondo is witty, elegant, original, and convincing — all of which makes Margaret and me extremely proud.

3 thoughts on “Parental Pride

  1. We’ll check with Nate about sharing it, Mom. I can’t stop listening to it and beaming with pride.

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