Going Postal

Margaret had to stop by the Post Office™ (not the same as the US Postal Service) to pick up a package this evening, which turns out to have been a learning moment. I did not even know that Postal Pat had a theme song, but now I can’t get “Postal Pat, Postal Pat, Postal Pat and his black-and-white hat” out of my mind. So I thought I’d share.

9 thoughts on “Going Postal

  1. My hat (three of my hats) is black. I tend to avoid cats.
    And Postman Pat’s pronunciation — at least as mediated through the tinny speaker of the Post Office’s kiddy-ride — was not perfectly crisp.

  2. I thought you were saying that Postman Pat had gone gender inclusive (the name Pat is famously good for that, afterall).

  3. You know there’s nothing more quickly commented on and corrected then a British cutural icon being misquoted. Just don’t make a Doctor Who reference or they’ll really come climbing out of the woodwork!

    (Great blog btw!)

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