“Tain’t A Fit Night Out….”

I didn’t want to blog about it yesterday (when so important an other entry took precedence), but in the morning on my way to a meeting I slipped on some ice and fell directly onto the back of my head. (Insert apposite jokes here.) Luckily for me, my heavy woollen greatcoat slid upward as I fell, and it buffered the impact of my skull on the pavement. I didn’t black out; a couple of helpful passers-by checked on me, and I could count and see straight and, eventually, stand up and walk. Everyone kept a close eye on me all the rest of the day; I showed no signs of ill effects, and at least one person guessed that it might have jarred some sense into me. (I still like French critical theory, though.)
Today is a bit different story. My skull and brain seem to be doing OK, but the rest of my body is full of little aches and pains, places (I suppose) where my muscles and joints and bones tried to use the milliseconds between loss-of-balance to impact to protect me from greater harm. It’s a bit funny, though, to be feeling the effects of the fall everywhere except where I made contact.
Anyway, Margaret and I are very thankful that this was so inconsequential an incident, and we can still look forward to flying back to the States in a couple of days (aaak!) to visit our children and their friends and families. See you Wednesday, Chicago!

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